In the beginning there was a word: Saltamartí…


At the invitation of the Foundation J. Llorenc Artigas, a group of sculptors decided to pay joint tribute to the decease artist and poet, friend of all, Joan Brossa, each creating a sculpture.

The reason unanimously chosen for the inspiration comes from a collection of short poems of this singular creator: “The Saltamartí” – “grasshopper” (or a snack in Spanish) – a Word Brossa defined in the first poem of the book with an analogy between the object and “the people” of extraordinary clarity and humor.

Indeed, immediately after being shaken, the people rise again.

At first, Robert Llimós creates three different figures by way of approximation to his own Brossa. The first walks, the second carries its shoes, and the third looks at the sky. He remodels the last one to a larger in scale.

The instability of the piece suggests to Llimós to take it away from a firm base, resorting to an unusual material to make it float. The saltamartí jumps into the water transformed and renamed MIRAESTELS, and the usual materials of sculpture give way to the fiberglass and resin of polyester nautical vessels.

MIRAESTELS ends up holding in its hands, hidden behind it, a star it has captured in its dreams.

Swaying in the water, MIRAESTELS is a magical emblem of beautiful Barcelona, first Mediterranean port, so beloved by the world.