Global message

The artist leads the intention of the poet to wider fields of meaning …


At first reading, MIRAESTELS, a floating icon, becomes guardian of the waters. With its watchful presence, it urges us to care for and respect the sea, the origin of known life. And it does so in a Mediterranean of encounters among ancient peoples, a sea of legends, history and culture, all of which today, cruelly punished by our excesses, is in serious danger and sends out a cry for help.

Now that floating icon becomes the guardian of the waters.

At the same time, the eyes of MIRAESTELS staring into heaven indicate a double vigilance. From there come the great questions and great answers; no wonder the contemplation of the celestial vault has been the main engine of scientific knowledge. Science continues to declare this: our future demands reserved areas to continue studying the stars and the cosmos away from light pollution.

Finally, MIRAESTELS also monitors other potential movements in the sky, expecting to unravel a question awaiting response, which would have the power to change everything: Are we or are we not alone in the starry and infinite cosmos?