Robert Llimós is a painter and sculptor from Barcelona appreciated among the experts, the exquisite and ordinary people …


Robert Llimós is an excellent product of the Academy who has gone through all the avant-garde to return to the origins: painting or depicting what is seen rather than what is felt. “Sharp clarity” said Santos Torroella of his work. Manolo Vázquez Montalbán recorded and remembered it in a large text on the artist.

Llimós’s long career began in childhood, on painting outings with his father. He engaged in a passionate and relentless exploration of the Zeitgeist, the spirit of the times, with the honesty of an ancient craft, with its written and unwritten laws, learned and consciously defended. Llimós work always has a primitive charm, a security of certainties, and a poetry as touching as it is brave.

The artist, with his baggage, engages in the passionate and relentless pursuit of the Zeitgeist, the spirit of the time.

Llimós imagined MIRAESTELS not only as a tribute to another great artist. It is also a gentle and powerful call for us to notice great matters that, today, are more important than ever, deserving the attention of our world.